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Bilā (prussian “language”) is an easy-to-use service to learn and make Prussian language spread. Our efforts to contribute to the understanding of Prussian language and Prussian culture.

We’d like to see Prussian language widely written, published and read at present. To make Prussian language be involved in the music culture together with film, video, theatre, animation and the media.

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Contributed by

Glabbis — voices at Memorize

Alnā — voices at Visualize

Astars Stakamesseris, Alnā — voices at Listen

Inga Inges — translation to German

Miron Tvangeste — translation to English

Lina — translation to Lithuanian

Līga Supantīsaūli Gūlbs — translation to Latvian

Paweł Topór — translation to Polish

D.i.P. — translation to Russian